Substance Prevention Alliance of Needham

NEEDHAM YOUTH - Healthy in Mind, body, and Spirit

healthy in mind, body and spirit


We incorporate a collaborative, community based and data driven prevention approach to reduce alcohol, marijuana and other drug use among Needham youth.

Through community education, partnership and strategic action we will decrease the risk factors indicated in substance use and increase the protective factors that are known to support youth to make healthy and safe choices.


From 5/28/19 -7/1/19 the Substance Prevention Alliance of Needham (SPAN) in collaboration with the Needham Public Health Division are surveying parents of 6th - 12th graders living in Needham to learn more about their personal beliefs and perceptions regarding underage drinking and substance use and misuse among youth.

If you are a Needham parent of a 6th-12th grader please take the survey by copying the link below:


parent education Team

youth education Team

Community education Team